Souvenir Dish

3-3/4" diameter. A nicely-painted ship sets sail on the blue sea, framed by a deep-blue scalloped border. Created by one of the Desvres faienceries, early 20th century, it has two minuscule flecks of glaze missing at two of the bottom scallops? which does not affect its appearance or utility.

$25, shipping $10.


Butter Pat

3-1/4" diameter, a perfect little plate, just right for a goodly pat of butter.

S: HB Quimper France, with painter's mark (ever so tiny!) after.

$25, plus $10 shipping.


Luncheon Plate

8" diameter, a rare size.  Pretty geometric pattern, the soft colors contrasting with the dark manganese lines, one of which is unfinished, as if the painter had laid down his brush and the plate was whisked off to be fired before he got back to it! Signed HR Quimper 16 on the back, too faint to photograph. In perfect, useful condition, just the right size for a sandwich or a plate of cookies.

$40, shipping $10.


Souvenir Plate

6-1/2" diameter, by the artist Lachaud, ca. 1925. A charming decor with interesting colors to add a light touch to your summer look. In Breton, the name of the boat: "Star of the Sea". Minor conservation, now in perfect show-and-use condition. ...hand wash gently!

$35, shipping $10.


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