Three Desvres Animals

One is a pique-fleur, two are just highly decorative; all three have the wonderful glass eyes of the turn-of-the-century period.
Top Row: Pig Pique-Fleur: SOLD.

Demure Cat: SOLD.

Bottom Row: Trumpeting Elephant, 6" long, 6-1/4" high, 5" across. Wonderful flapping ears and playful pose, slightly crusty glaze. Unsigned, but clearly Desvres, with our restorer's three red dots.

$325, plus $30 shipping.


Quimper Hen on Nest

Yes, she really is wonderful old Quimper! The oval base is 9”x 6”, her tail rises up 7”, level with her crest. From the de la Hubaudière factory, late 19th century, with a very rare impressed signature in the base: Hubaudiere Quimper. In original condition, there is a tiny piece missing from the tail on one side , which looks to be caused by an impurity in the firing, but the overall appearance is superb.

$675 plus shipping.


Six Animals from Angoulême

These are patterned in the Delft style and look charming with many varieties of old faïence, each critter adorable in its own way. They are ca. 1920 and in perfect condition.
Top row: Mama Elephant, 3" long, 2-5/8" high, $85.
Baby Elephant, 3-3/8" long, 2" high, $75.
Giraffe, 3-1/2" long, 5-1/4" tall, $110.
Bottom row: Large Dog, 4-1/4" long, 3-1/4" high, $85.
Tiger (or Puma), 4-1/2" long, 2-1/2" high, $75.
Horned Ram, 3-1/2" long, 3" high, $85.

The whole collection: $450, plus $30 shipping.
Individual  shipping, $10 each, plus $5 each additional.


Four Egg Cups from Vallauris

Bring some cheer to the breakfast table with these luster cups being upheld by quirky little poodles.
2-5/8" high, cup rims 1-3/4" diameter.  A yummy chocolate luster backstops the prettily-colored poodles. (The rose-colored one is less well-defined but proudly says "Vallauris" right across the front.)
From the 1950s, and in perfect condition.

$150 the set of four, plus $25 shipping.


Hen Bank

Unsigned, we cannot give a positive attribution to this piece. 6-1/4” high, base roughly 2-3/4” diameter (and very heavy; this stands very solidly). A minute restoration was done to keep the integrity of the piece, which we feel has good age to it.

$175, plus shipping.


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