Quimper hen on her nest. The oval base is 9”x 6”, her tail rises up 7”, level with her crest. From the de la Hubaudière factory, late 19th century, with a very rare impressed signature in the base: Hubaudiere Quimper. In original condition, there is a tiny piece missing from the tail on one side, which looks to be caused by an impurity in the firing, but the overall appearance is superb.

$675, plus $40 shipping.


Hen bank. Unsigned, we cannot give a positive attribution to this piece. 6-1/4” high, base roughly 2-3/4” diameter (and very heavy; this stands very solidly). A minute restoration was done to keep the integrity of the piece, which we feel has good age to it.

$175, plus $25 shipping.


Letter holder with a Breton broderie decor (a designation for the raised decor series created by the de la Hubaudière factory in the early 20th century: the patterns were inspired by the embroidered motifs on Breton costumes).   9-1/2" across, 5-1/4" deep, 6-5/8" high. The raised effects are used in the orange dots on the deep blue framing, the green floral spray tips, and the red and yellow flower dots. The effect is strong and delicate at the same time. Ca. 1930, in perfect condition.

$650, plus $40 shipping.


Artist's palette wall pocket, 7-1/2" across, 9-1/2" high. The perfect letter holder, its purpose delineated by the notepad-and-pencil-shaped pocket, the colorful paint brushes acting like exclamation points. This fanciful idea was first executed in the late 19th century, as here, by the HR factory. There were a few imperfections in the glaze, which show up around the young man's face and shoulders, but they are inherent in the manufacture, and we never touch those. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition. In our book, "Collecting Quimper", on p. 10, you will find a similar piece on a wall full of fine early Quimper.

$750, plus $30 shipping.


19th century Jacquot, a true "Toby" type. 10-3/8" high, 6" across, 7-1/2" deep to back of handle. He is a late 19th-century prototype of the English style, with Delft-like decorations. This would be a handsome highlight to any collection of blue-and-white pottery, French or English. He had proper restoration measures some years ago and is now in impeccable condition.We have not been able to trace precisely the BP signature, northern France or Holland the likeliest sources.

$795, plus $40 shipping.


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