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Tea for two in this rare and charming thistle pattern. Teapot is 6-1/2" across from handle to tip of spout, base diameter 2-1/4", 4-1/2" to top of lid finial, other pieces proportionately sized, down to 4-3/4" diameter for the saucers. A sweet little service for your breakfast table, a charmer for your shelf of super-special pieces.

All pieces (except lids are signed) and all are, amazingly, in perfect condition. We need to note that the colors are a bit softer than you see on your insisted!

$650 for the 9 pieces, shipping $50.



Crêpes Serving Dish

8-1/2" long, 5-1/2" across, 3-1/8" high at tops of ruffled edges. Imagine this piece flattened out: it is exactly the shape a crêpe would be! So roll them up, pile them in, and serve in this delectable dish. Just a bit of glaze wear along the tops of the blue ruffles, consistent with its age, ca. 1905, and general usefulness. This is a very rare form and would be a treasure in anyone's kitchen.

$165, shipping $25.




Bac à Lavement

8-5/8" high, 10" across handles, 5-1/2" total depth, including lion's spout. A vessel for washing, so discreetly described by the French term, a useful sanitary piece made in the 19th century. A great rarity, we show one in our book, Collecting Quimper, on p. 73. The one we are offering here is from the same factory, HB, same period, ca. 1880, and is totally original, including the spout, so often missing.  

$1200, shipping $40.



Traditional Cider Cup

3-3/4" diameter, 1-3/8" high, 4-1/2" across handle. Ca. 1905, with early signature under the handle, and in excellent condition. There is a thin blob of old glaze that runs down the front from the handle, left, in a triangle shape into the innermost circle: this is original to the piece and in no way affects its appearance or utility. Cider? Perhaps! But perfect for a small nut or candy dish.

$65 plus $10 shipping.



Saumur Wine Jug

5-3/4" high, 4-3/4" long, 4" across to tip of spout. From Saumur, the famous wine-growing center of the Loire valley, comes this little charmer. Possibly commissioned by a wine merchant (white or red!) as a petit cadeau for favored clients, we think it was probably intended to be decorative rather than for serious use (though it fills and pours nicely). Barrel-shaped pieces are always highly desirable...this is France, after all...and this one has great presence. Modest conservation measures, indicated by the three red dots, and good age, though we cannot give a specific factory attribution.

$125, shipping $20.





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