both sides of the Atlantic!

We did just receive some lovely Quimper from France, but we are only offering a view to keep on file, as we will not ship until the world returns to working order. We've had interesting correspondence with all the folks who were part of our birthday celebration last year (see our blog) and would like to share some direct European comments.

From Maria, quoting her bedridden mother-in-law,"What Hitler did not do to me, the corona virus won't either!". And also,"Gehobt is gehobt" ..."what I had, I had".

From Alain: "spring will come soon".

From Florence and Didier: "now its time for silence, calm, order..we went for a walk by the water yesterday".

From Henrik (Germany):.."we all are in a situation like never clue about the consequences".

So we are tending our house plants, rearranging our Quimper, and staying totally put at this time, but we will keep in touch by email.

Please stay well and in touch!

Joan Datesman

April 6, 2020

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